Paradise Technical Services: consultancy services also on agricultural sector.

Paradise Technical Services (PTS) is a Dutch Consultancy Company that has joined the construction industry since 2017.

It collaborates with local partners which include: Community Managed Watershed Development Organization (COMWO NGO), Karamoja Peace and Development Agency (KAPDA NGO), Karamoja Women Umbrella Organization (KAWUO), Orwada Integrated Farmers (OIF) in Uganda, and among others, a European partner – Agricolus Professional Academy focused on precision farming and based in Italy.

Paradise Technical Services also offers services which include: project management, writing business bids and proposals, and also Grant proposal planning and writing.

PTS has a sustainable business strategy with a long range vision and offers its consultancy diverse services to the construction industry and agricultural sector, cost-effectively and sustainably.


Mission of Paradise Technical Services is to serve diverse customers which include:

  • for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • rural farmer communities
  • Governments and local governments
  • private sector and individuals

By providing the highest level of quality products and services at affordable prices to create infrastructure stock and ensure steady growth of robust economies for both local and International.


Paradise Technical Services has a vision to remain a reliable business partner and a link between the NGO organizations, construction companies and individuals in The Netherlands and Africa – Uganda.

Technical services

  • Connecting European Companies to do profitable businesses in Africa.
  • Offer technical advice and practical tips to company directors on how to price the tenders correctly, manage personnel and grow a construction company and to maximize profits.
  • Offer expert advice on how the parties involved in the project work can reduce unnecessary expenditure and on how each contracting party can refute and decline honoring un-jusitified varations, orders and claims which incur more costs.
  • Train contractors on unsafe work conditions and both material suppliers and also the contractors to note the particular conditions of the contract documents and their contractual obligations which can affect work productivity and profits.
  • Offer expert advice on how each contracting party can bravely prepare and submit winning claims in response to, for example, poorly written contracts, etc.
  • Offer expert advice to contractors on how the construction projects can be made to comply with environmental legislation as well as with the client’s environmental plan and meeting local authorities permit conditions, etc.
  • Offer expert advice to the contractors and their clients on waste management (which should be recycled where possible), for example, segregating waste and reusing building rubble, etc.

Services on agricultural sector

Paradise Technical Services works very closely with rural farmer communities to promote sustainable agronomy, including crop production and soil fertility to increase food production to fight hunger, food insecurity, malnutrition and chronic poverty among the rural farmer communities, especially in Karamoja region and Teso region, in Uganda.

PTS adapts and promotes smart climate change practices and self-entrepreneurship initiatives by creating job opportunities through agricultural sector to benefit the youth, moreover, on equal basis; women and men.

The company connects its knowledge to institute partner Agricolus Professional Academy to train rural farmers on weed and pest control, soil fertility, soil and water conservation; because the rural farmers, especially those in Uganda do not require a high technical-book based training, but rather them to acquire general agricultural knowledge which is cost-effective and can offer sustainable solutions.

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