Our Academy

The spread of innovative technologies for agriculture requires the training of professionals of this sector: being able to use these new tools and interpret data is essential to serve farms and help them optimize production and reduce waste.

Agricolus’ Professional Academy has been created in order to train agronomists, technicians, and farmers that want to take advantage of AgriTech tools in their daily work.

Agricolus Professional Academy was born with the aim of training agronomists, agricultural experts, agricultural technicians and other professionals in the sector who want to optimize agronomic practices by integrating specialized skills with innovative tools.

The courses provide an overview on precision farming techniques, on new technologies for agriculture (control of cultivation operations and forecasting models, remote sensing, sampling methods) and on possible optimization of agricultural production, through theoretical study and use practical of Agricolus.

Boost your competence and become an expert in Smart farming


  • Practical course with expert teacher in Smart Farming
  • Educational material in reserved area on website
  • Course credits for professionals
  • Agricolus Professional certification


The courses provide an overview of Agriculture 4.0 tools dedicated to crop monitoring, data collection in the field and the interpretation of forecasting models.

The lessons include theoretical examples and practical use of the Agricolus platform.


Agricolus Educational Academy trains tomorrow professionals to deal with a constantly changing world and face the challenges of new technologies in the agrifood sector.

The courses address students from Agricultural and Forestry Universities, Agricultural Institutes, and Higher Technical Institutes with the aim of providing a basic technical training together with practice exercise in the field.