AgriTech EU is a Horizon Europe project comprising 13 partners from 6 different countries. The goal of the project is to train a new generation of agricultural professionals through the design and delivery of higher education programs, the enrichment of existing bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and the development of stand-alone modules and courses with recognized certifications.

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Incubed is a ESA (European Space Agency) program. The project aims to set up an advanced full decision support system called AgriTrack Full DSS, which combines modeling and remote sensing historical information to diagnose the hot-spots of vegetative stress highlighted. ​​

The ambition is to overcome the two main problems of agricultural DSS: ​​the information overload and ​the lack of spatial data and practical prescription. ​

TITAN – Transparency solutions for transforming the food system is a Horizon Europe project comprising 27 partners from 13 countries. TITAN aims to provide an extensive platform for the development of a wide range of innovations that aid transparency and address key challenges identified in the Europen Green Deal.​

Agricolus is involved in the traceability pilots (rice and tomato) in the agri-food supply chain. ​

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AGRIBIT is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to improve the agriculture chain by delivering higher precision, more accurate and continuously available Precision Agriculture services, combining GNSS, and more specifically new high precision Galileo positioning and augmentation services like EGNOS, Earth Observation (EO) information with on-field and on-machine sensors and actuators, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and expert agricultural knowledge.

Agricolus is involved in testing the technology developed within a pilot dedicate to vineyeard.

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CLEVER is a Horizon-KDT-JU project that proposes a series of hardware and software innovations, revolutionising the capability of EDGE computing platforms. It aims to develop technologies capable of sharing and processing large amounts of data with low energy consumption.

Agricolus is involved in one pilot and will develop an AI algorithm able to quantitatively estimate the orange harvest.

IOF2020 is part of Horizon 2020 Industrial Leadership and supported by the European Commission. ​

The aim of IoF2020 is to build a lasting innovation ecosystem that fosters the uptake of IoT technologies.​

Agricolus is involved in the project related to DECISION-MAKING OPTIMISATION IN BEEF SUPPLY CHAIN.​

Demeter is a H2020 European project​

Agricolus is involved in the Decision Support System cluster to support olive growers: this pilot aims to improve the optimization of irrigation and fertilization in olive orchards, as well as of integrated pest management, through an on-line platform for olive farms and advisers. ​

WATERAGRI is a H2020 European project​

Agricolus is one of the partner of WATERAGRI. ​

This project aims to re-introduce and enhance sustainable solutions for water retention and nutrient recycling to enable agricultural production that can sustain growing populations and cope with present and future climate change challenges. ​

Innovation Project​

LINKDAPA: Linking multi-source data for adoption of precision agriculture.​

The project will integrate data from disparate and innovative, current and historical sources to zone fields in ways that will enable the farmer to optimize crop management more precisely and sustainably based on: ​

predicted potential crop yield and quality​

an estimate of the probability that the potential will be realized.​

SME instrument is a Horizon2020 program to finance innovative SMEs.
The SME Instrument is specifically aimed at SMEs (Article 22 of Regulation (EU) No 1291/2013) to support the research and innovation activities and capacities of SMEs throughout the various stages of the innovation cycle.

Agricolus DSS is a project approved in January 2016 within the Horizon 2020 SME INSTRUMENT program with the aim of: Testing the technical and economic viability of the Business plan solution for the marketing of the Agriculus Suite on the European market with pilots in Denmark and Spain.

The development of Agricolus started in 2014, but was strongly increased in 2016 (for a duration of 6 months) after the market analysis and feasibility study supported by SME Instrument Phase 1. The study was carried out through some pilots tests on three main crops: wheat, olive, and tobacco.

The three pilot tests showed that Agricolus DSS achieved TRL7 (demonstration of the prototype in an operational environment) for each crop tested and gave an interesting evaluation for further development. The market analysis carried out recorded a wide range of customers with needs that Agricolus DSS can meet. To meet this challenge, the company has implemented an important international partnership strategy. An economic plan was produced for the next 5 years, with an ROI of approximately 42%, confirming the viability and profitability of the project.

SmartAgriFood is a FIWARE accelerator that provides direct funding and support to SMEs, web entrepreneurs and individuals working in Smart Agrimatics to transform innovative ideas into new applications and services.

SmartAgriFood is a FP7 research project for European ICT Smart Food and Agribusiness for the future Internet, for healthy and safe food from farm to table.

The € 4 million SmartAgriFood call selected the 50 best candidates from ICT SMEs and web entrepreneurs (SMWE) to create these apps and services.

Each of the 50 selected projects entered a 3-phase competitive process:

  1. WP1 – The Joint Call between SmartAgriFood and ICI – AGRI to find suitable applications
  2. WP2 – SmartAgriFood Evaluation and selection of SMWE projects
  3. WP3 – Implementation of the SMWE Milestone & Mentoring support program

The Kick Off of the project took place at the end of March in Brussels during Net Futures 2015. During the event the first pitch of the project and the knowledge of the coaches took place; “Agricolus APP” has been selected among the 50 projects that access Phase 1.

FRACTALS – Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications is one of the accelerators of the FIWARE European project specialized in the agricultural sector. It supported 50-60 European SMEs for a total of € 5.5m to develop applications based on FI-WARE technologies for agriculture.

The FRACTALS Open Call closed on 28 February 2015 to submit the projects to be funded.

The level of competition is very high: 267 companies specialized in the agricultural sector from all over Europe.

Among the 43 selected projects there is also Oliwes (Olives Warning Entrerpise Suite), a platform dedicated to monitoring olive trees for olive producers.

SpeedUP! Europe is one of the 16 accelerators of the European FIWARE project.

In September 2014 the calls for the third phase of the FI-PPP started, where 16 “accelerator” projects made available an amount of 80 million euros, to be distributed through competitive calls open to SMEs and start-ups, to develop applications commercial based on FI-WARE and FI-PPP technologies.

SpeedUp! Europe has selected 3 out of 100 Italian companies throughout Europe;

Our winning project was called “Agricolus Web“, which would then be developed over 9 months according to these work phases:

  1. Development of the product in a first version MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  2. Field tests by real actors (European farms)
  3. Access to the product market with the support of the accelerator

Agricolus Web” gave rise to “Agricolus Awareness”.