Interconnected agricultural machinery to simplify the work

With Agricolus you can exchange data between your machinery and the platform to track all the operations carried out and reduce farm management costs.

Thanks to the partnership with agrirouter, farmers and contractors can transfer data between machines and tractors from different manufacturers and the Agricolus platform, solving the important problem of digitization in agriculture.

trattore che dialoga con piattaforma Agricolus attraverso il connettore Agrirouter

The advantages of having interconnected agricultural machinery

By linking your Agricolus account with the agrirouter one, you are able to:

Exchange data such as prescription maps for variable rate fertilization and yield maps

Know the position of each connected agricultural machinery in real time, displaying its route directly on a map

Remotely monitor the status of crop operations by consulting data on GPS position, speed, direction, and work hours

Take advantage of Agriculture 4.0 incentives