Become a partner and start a fruitful collaboration with Agricolus

Agricolus Partner Network (APN) is composed of international companies that aim to create a complete offer for agri-food chain needs.

We trust in the opportunity and in the power of networking, this is the reason we are looking for partner with a great professionalism and strong work ethic.

Camilla Bizzarri
Agricolus Partner Success Manager
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Camilla Bizzarri
Agricolus Partner Success Manager
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What we offer

What we offer

The partners we are looking for

Integrated solution

Solutions or products that, since integrated into Agricolus platform, provide extra features for a complete offer.

Technology supplier

Products and services supplier for Smart Farming.

Service enabler

Companies or professionals that offer to their customers an extra service through Agricolus: drones, chemical analytical laboratories, contractors, professionals of agricultural sector.

Become a Partner

Agricolus’ network

  • We work together to spread the tools for Agriculture 4.0 in the field of agronomic consultancy in which they are leaders.

  • We work together to integrate QdC® into the Agricolus platform to offer farms a complete system.

  • We work together to develop an integrated platform to promote smart and sustainable digital solutions

  • We work together to analyse, process and offer Agricolus users images from Sentinel 2 to monitor crop development remotely.

  • We work together to meet the needs of the grapevine supply chain to monitor, predict and automate wine production in every kind of winery. .

  • We work together to automate data collection for wine quality control.

  • We work together to automate the collection of data directly from the machines involved in field crop operations.

  • agrobit

    We work together to spread the use of Agriculture 4.0 technologies including remote sensing by drone, seed and soil maps.

  • We work together for the integration of the module dedicated to the monitoring and localisation of farm animals.

  • We work together to develop complete solutions for supply chain traceability.

  • We work together on a pilot project for the monitoring of 24-hour irrigation systems and their optimisation.

  • We work together to offer farms the high-quality LoRa connectivity they are leading.

  • We work together to train professionals interested in the Agritech sector.

  • We work together to offer support to companies wishing to manage the purification and reuse of waste water in a sustainable, organic and natural way.

  • We work together on digitisation projects and support for rural farms in developing areas.

  • We work together on research and innovation projects to support Agritech.