Are you an agronomist, an agricultural engineer or a technician and are you looking for a solution that simplifies your work? 

Agricolus platform meets your needs! Thanks to the Professional Dashboard you will be able to:

  • Visualize in a single interface the data of all farms, even remotely.
  • Optimize operations in the field.
  • Consult detailed information on the farms you offer you advice: crop operations, forecasts and data from agro-meteorological stations, satellite imagery.
  • Share decisions for an effective crop management.
  • Make communication with farms and data collection faster and more efficient.
  • Offer a unique monitoring service increasing the value of your advice.

The Professional Dashboard is a free platform that allows you to be always connected to the subscriptions of the farms in order to get a general overview or decide to enter the specific one you wish.

You will always be able to consult the data related to each customer: activities carried out, field mapping, data from sensors; depending on the chosen solution, you will have also forecast models, vegetation indices from Sentinel 2 and prescription maps.

Agricolus for agricultural professionals

You can connect with farmers for free by using the Professional Dashboard and take advantage of these services:  

Visualizzare campi, ettari, colture delle aziende agricole monitorate.

Analizzare il registro delle attività dei collaboratori e delle operazioni colturali svolte.

Controllare i dati relativi ai sensori posti in campo.

Monitorare lo stato di salute delle colture grazie agli indici di vegetazione.

Ricevere notifiche sulle operazioni svolte dagli agricoltori.

Assegnare e programmare le attività da svolgere.

Gestire le tue aziende agricole da remoto ovunque tu sia grazie al cloud e all’App mobile.

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