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Meet our partners: Smart Cities Lab

Smart Cities Lab: making life easier for urban planners.

Smart Cities Lab is a platform of open source ecosystem for Fiware. Born in 2016, it has its headquarters in Hamburg.

Smart Cities Lab is a collaborative initiative aiming for development, delivery and export of smart ICT and mobile based services and products in the following priorities areas:

  • Smart Cities
  • e-Health
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Agrifood
  • Logistics

Although born in the EU, the open community platform has been promoting international markets in the last years, such as Fiware technologies and cooperation of Indian companies, universities and clusters with relevant counterparts.

Smart Cities Lab addresses the specific challenges of metropolitan societies and provides well defined solutions to relieve the challenges of multi-stakeholders. It is committed to OpenSource in general, specifically to Fiware as technology agnostic platform and API´s.


Smart Cities Lab’ vision is inclined to making life easier for cities, citizens and everyone through an ecosystem in which it is possible to develop citizen-centered sustainable solutions. These solutions include:

  • make available the much-needed technical support that would integrate and/or replace the old-fashioned ICT solutions currently deployed in silos;
  • provide an open technical environment that would encourage further innovation in city stakeholder clusters, and
  • put the citizen first – by providing systems, enabling environments and citizen-oriented services, while supporting administration processes in city governments.


The Smart Cities Lab initiative is a digital infrastructural and innovative project that involves different aspects of the city, and can only grow further, with a strong conviction, stakeholders, clusters, city government and citizens come together with the unified idea of a programmable city.


 Knowledge Partner

Smart Cities Lab is a knowledge partner for Smart Cities, Clusters, Government, Corporates. It is building an open-source community based on the Fiware and OpenStack technology and platform for developing new and innovative solutions for making cities smart. Fiware will help cities to build and manage innovative apps and services by making complex processes simple, cost effective, high-quality and secure.

FIWARE Education

Together with its educational partners, Smart Cities Lab provides full course on Fiware within the Universities with certification.

Meet Smart Cities Lab!

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