The event dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment will take place in Casalina on 28-29 July.

Precision Farming, Agriculture 4.0, Agtech: these words describe the ongoing revolution which is changing one of the most ancient activities of our society. But what does “field test of precision farming” means?

EIMA Show Umbria 2017 is a good occasion to find out it. Experts and not will be able to see in action the most advanced mechanical solutions – soil preparation, seeding, fertilization, irrigation, haymaking – to improve farm productivity, achieve high quality standards for products, optimize production costs and reduce environmental impact

It is organized by FederUnacoma together with Coldiretti Umbria, UmbriaFiere, University of Perugia, Agraria Foundation Institution, Cesar, Consorzio Agrario dell’Umbria and Dipartimento di scienze agrarie, alimentari e ambientali of Perugia University.

Each company will show own products and solutions, while demo of machineries will take place outside.

EIMA Show Umbria field test of precision farming will take place at the Casalina Farm (Deruta – PG) on July 28th-29th 2017. The Casalina farm is the property of the Agraria Foundation Institution located in Perugia and created in 1892 for the administration and conservation of the monumental heritage on the land of the Benedettina Cassinese Community in Perugia. The land extends to a total of 1,860 hectares with 1,450 UAA spreading from the communities of Marsciano, Deruta and Collazzone and divided into four plots, Casalina, Le Masse, Badiola and Sant’Apollinare.

The purpose of the EIMA Show is to allow an audience of farmers, contractors and business people to watch various mechanical engineering solutions on the market to verify the efficiency and functional features of these machines”.

Agricolus will take part in it showing the results of own work on tobacco and olives.

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