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Meet our partners: Droinwork

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Expertise on drone aerial services.

Droinwork is an innovative company, based in Todi, born in 2012 thanks to the passion for photography and an in-depth knowledge in the electronics and robotics sectors. Leading company in drone aerial services, it was one of the first companies authorized in Italy by ENAC that is composed of the best professionals specialized in several operational fields.

The company operates in situations that guarantee the necessary safety margins and in different air spaces, reaching places otherwise not accessible by other means; but it is not always necessary to use drones for video shooting, and in these cases alternative tools are provided.


The great versatility of unmanned aerial vehicle owned by Droinwork – Drone Aerial Services allows to provide services in different sectors, all with an important reduction of costs and risks compared to the usual human activities, with the advantage of obtaining the best quality information and diagnosing problems quickly:

  • Precision agriculture. The company is specialized in low-altitude remote sensing carried out with its drones (UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle), an important and cutting-edge part within precision agriculture.
  • Aerial Video Shooting. The use of shooting and aerial photographs with drones is becoming widely recognized in cinema thanks to the spectacular images and sequence plans that can be obtained.
  • Inspections – Civil and industrial infrastructures. For many years Droinwork has been using drones (UAV) in the field of infrastructure inspections: the use of this technology is spreading rapidly thanks to its characteristics of effectiveness, speed and safety.
  • Cablecam – Aerial trolley on ropes. Video Shooting with a trolley on ropes for concerts, fashion shows and big events.
  • Time lapse. From the monitoring of building or naval sites, to the behavior of the animals or to the analysis of environmental changes in addition to the creation of video clips.

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