ASM CO, the industry’s leading information technology.

ASM CO (Afarinesh Samaneh Mehr engineering co) is a company established in Teheran in 2006. Its mission is to create world-class and tailored solutions to achieve excellence and customer delight, for this reason integration plays an important role. ASM CO is the Total Solutions Provider of IOT and M2M in mission critical business.

The company’s target markets are Oil & Gas, Utility, Transportation, Agriculture and Public Safety market and Telecom industries demands.

It works in the following sectors:

  • Renewable Energy: leading solution provider of energy management systems and hybrid power solutions for distributed stationary industrial applications, as well as of products and solutions for education, training in the field of fuel cells, solar, wind and hydrogen energy technologies
  • Mission Critical Communication: integrated mission-critical voice, data and video communications solutions which directly impacts clients operational efficiency and personnel safety.
  • IOT: leading solution provider of Internet of Things for mission critical business to bring them Intelligence, Efficiency, innovation, safety, reliability and security.

First, ASM CO assesses the current business and IT & Telecom environment. It establishes where customers are, confirm where they are going, and identify what they need to get there. Every business is different, and by understanding business situation and goals ASM can help to develop a unique IT & Telecom transformation plan. The company helps customers to achieve those goals with the least amount of time, effort and money.

Second, ASM combines its services with technologies from industry leaders to provide the best business technology foundation to meet several needs – it partners with the people and companies developing the most effective solutions in the industry.

Third, ASM helps to cross the business-technology chasm to provide the best possible solutions.

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