YieldOptimizer Is The New Feature Of Agricolus

The current services offered by Agricolus, such as the possibility to read vegetation satellite-based indices, as well as daily forecast models for different crop types, will be further enriched by YieldOptimizer solution. Thanks to the innovative features provided by YieldOptimizer, farmers, consultants, agricultural suppliers, and cooperatives will satisfy their increasing need to measure in detail the yield potential and the soil’s water retention capacity within each field’s area thanks to satellite-based spatialized information.

How Does It Work

   Innovative Technologies

  • YieldOptimizer solution relies exclusively on consistently available reflectance bands values from Sentinel-2.

  • The algorithm was successfully validated on pluriannual datasets, collected in different environmental contexts.

  • The 3-5 days frequency eliminates the cloudy pixels so they cannot affect the algorithm performance


The Space Data That Improves Your Agricultural Production