Connecting agricultural machinery for Agriculture 4.0

AgriPlug is the Agricolus’ device thanks to which you can connect your machines to the platform and register all the data related to them, in order to increase the efficiency of the agronomic management and apply precision farming strategies.

By using Agriplug you will be able to:

Know the position of each connected agricultural machinery in real time

Display the vehicle’s route on the Agricolus map

Automate the activities entry by registering speed, direction, work hours of the machines used and field(s) involved

Register with a dedicated App the work of each operator in terms of days worked control, driven machinery, work hours, route taken

Have economic reports available to keep track of costs

Digitize each farm machinery

How AgriPlug works

The device is assembled inside the machinery and connected to the Agricolus platform to enable the exchange of data of fundamental importance for the management of crop operations that would otherwise be lost.


Connect your agricultural machinery

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