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Agricolus APIs Forecast are libraries that allow you to easily integrate your offerings with the development of forecast models for phenology, irrigation, fertilization, harmful insects, and plant diseases.

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Forecast Models available for more than 130 crops

  • Phenology – which estimates phenological stage to assess crop needs for each stage of development.
  • Irrigation – which estimates irrigation requirements for a tempestive intervention in case of water stress, providing the optimal water supply.
  • Fertilization – which calculates the total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (Kg/ha) requirements throughout the crop’s production cycle to obtain essential suggestions on fertilizer application rates.

Models available for specific crops


Maturity indices

Prediction of plant diseases and infestations: Peronospora, Powdery mildew, Botrytis cinerea.

Frost prediction


Forecasting infestations: olive fruit fly.


Prediction of plant diseases and infestations: Peronospora tabacina, Helicoverpa armigera.


Pest prediction: Helicoverpa armigera, Diabrotica virgifera, Ostrinia nubilialis, Agrotis ipsilon.


Pest prediction: Fusarium .


Pest prediction: Tuta absoluta, Helicoverpa armigera, Tomato downy mildew.

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