S.I.G. 2015

S.I.G. 2015 is a project for precision farming. Its aim is to collect data in order to create a decision support system (DSS) to manage crops.

These collected data will allow to create specific thematic maps showing homogeneus areas in the crops. Starting from this point, distribution maps of fertilizer will be realized to suggest the way to manure differently depending on crop’s characteristics.

The project has been realized in 2015 together with CRATIA and partner companies for the field test.

These field tests will be a starting point to define the best workflow to create distribution maps, key element for DSS application.

The aim of this DDS (Decision Support System) will be the one to have, as fast as possible, useful information to support and improve decision process from organized data.

The implementation of Precision Farming tools in crops management will allow to improve agricultural production, reduce ecological impacts in order to use products sparingly, raise production quality standard, and save money thanks to the optimization of farming activities.
The application will be based on Esri tecnology (Environmental Systems Research Institute), global leader in GIS, and Microsoft. It is composed of server and client-side. Processing power will rely on a server that will be developed for cloud computing.

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