This document clarifies who uses your personal data, how they are used it and what your rights are.

We have to remind you that for personal data the law refers to all information that identifies or makes identifiable a physical person and that could give details about their characteristics, habits, their life style, their personal relationships, their state of health, their economic situation, etc.

In particular, the data you are allowing us to treat are:

  • Personal data: such as name, surname, address, telephone number and, in general, all that is useful and necessary both to provide the services and the obligations required by law.
  • Particular datageolocation data, browsing data, user habits or any other known information during the conducting of the service and directly or indirectly acquired from user behavior.

The Data Controller is Agricolus srl, registered office in Via Settevalli 320, 06129 Perugia, Italy, tel. ,  p.iva 06716550485

You may contact us throught our DPO via email  for any information regarding your personal data.

It is important that we explain to you and we clarify some aspects for you:

  • Purposesyour personal data are required for
    1. Using services we offer to you, for example precision farming programs, training courses, consultancy services and verticalization;
    2. Fulfilling any obligation arising from the agreement relative to the provided services like, for example, contacting you and giving assistance about services we offer you;
    3. Fulfilling any obligation arising from the law and which is connected to services like, for example, accountancy data retention or information we are required to retain by law;
    4. Contacting you with mailing lists or by any other means with the purpose of keeping you updated regarding our services offered;
    5. Monitoring your behavior and your modus operandi when you interact with us and with our communication channels;
    6. Statistical and scientific purposes useful for national and international research activities;
    7. Creation of promotional campaigns.
    8. Enabling business partners to fulfil their contractual obligations in your favour to the extent that you have requested goods or services offered by our partners.
  • Legal basiswe may do this because of the following reasons:
    1. a contract concluded for the provision of the service which, without the information communicated for the purposes in points 1)-2)-3) could not be provided;
    2. your consent given at the time of subscription and valid for all purposes from 1) to 7);
    3. a normative obligation referred to the purposes 1) – 2) and 3), with specific constraints of storage and data traceability that could required a level of details on the basis of the kind of service used, in order to manage the relationship with you;
    4. a legitimate interest regarding the need to protect the use of our services from possible misuse or incorrect use and, in general, to optimize the service provided to customers.
      That information is in connection with the purposes 1), 2), 3), 5) and 6).
    5. a legitimate interest in the use of marketing and profiling data that we need to optimize the communication and delivery of services related to the purposes 4), 5) and 7).
    6. legitimate interest related to scientific research regarding purpose f) that allows us to improve our algorithms and our services by collecting data in the field, also thanks to your help.
  • Geographical Location: we remind you that it could be useful in order to use the service/s offered make use of the geographical location (f.i. when you carry out the treatments from the App with the GPS turned on), if you decide to disable the geolocation, the service may not respond fully to your needs.
  • Obligation of communicationwe remind you that your data are essential for you to use the services and if you do not give your consent or if you have to communicate incomplete or incorrect data, this will result in the impossibility to provide such services: this is related to purposes 1), 2) and 3). On the other hand, data relating to commercial contacts or promotional activity for which you may refuse your consent, specifically the purposes 4), 5) and 7) are optional.
  • Recipientsyour personal data will also be used by systems such as Google, Esri Arcgis, Microsoft azure, Google, Apple, Stripe, Hotjar or other services to which you can communicate your data. It is important that we give them the data so that we can do our best when provisioning services. In addition, it is important for you to know that your data may be transmitted to business partners for the activation and/or operation of goods or services requested by you through this platform (e.g. services offered by Agriconnect, Agriservices and Professional Dashboard, etc.).
  • Retention periodthe processing period will be what is necessary for the provision of the service contract and up to 2 (two) years after its end, but we advise you to check the extended information, as it may vary according to type of contracted service. At this time there are other legal obligations which also lead to 10 (ten) years of data retention for the accounting aspects of the relationship established. With regard to commercial and marketing information, for this data there is a legitimate interest as described above so, at your request, they will be subject to an anonymization or pseudonymization process. They will not, however, be removed from the system. The last instance concerns scientific data for which there is an additional legitimate interest and for which the storage and processing are linked to a process of anonymization or pseudonymization that will lead such data to feed algorithms and systems for optimizing the services provided becoming essential elements of what is provided, so they won’t be erased.

Below we list your rights (art. 15-20 of the EU Regulation 2016/679) that you can exercise using the contacts we have indicated above to ask about the following:

  • access, correct or update your personal data;
  • block or restrict its use;
  • data partially or completely delete your personal;
  • ask for portability of your data

Possibility to claim: remember that you can petition the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data ( exercising your right through the different channels to make a claim.
Withdrawal of Consent: If your data treatment is based on your consent, you have the full right to revoke it at any time with a simple and clear communication using the contacts indicated above. You should know that if there are other legal bases for that purpose, it will be possible for some or all of the data to be kept in order to fulfil the expected obligations.
User profiling: With your personal data we will try to understand your behavior and habits in order to define a profile related to you.
Automated processing: Your personal data will not be used with a tool that includes an automated evaluation process that you can object to.
You should know that they will be treated both with electronic and paper instruments, with elements of complexity diversified according to the type of service you contract.
Transfer of data to a third country: your data will be communicated outside Europe for certain treatments carried out for marketing services and for some other services. It is our responsibility to use suppliers who comply with the conditions of warranties provided by art. 46 onwards and later.
We also assure you that we use your personal data only for what is written here and if we use it for other purposes we will communicate it to you asking your permission before.

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