Leaf srl: innovative Umbrian startup improving wine production.

Leaf srl (Learning Environment and Farming) is a startup founded in 2015 by two partners, Mattia Dell’ Orto and Filippo Carletti. Initially started as a project for the development of innovative systems within Caprai company, it then became an enterprise on its own.

The aim of the young company is to develop and introduce new management systems into the wine-growing model. Improving the environmental and economic efficiency of  companies is its mission.

During the first year of activity, Leaf srl participated in important projects for the development of innovative agricultural prototypes. In addition, the company is collaborating with the post-diploma training course ITS Agribusiness of Umbria, recently awarded as the best post-diploma Italian specialization course.

The projects

The most interesting and innovative projects are:

  • a prototype of a product recovery atomizer. It is able to reduce the number of pesticides in the field by more than 50%, avoiding the dispersion of the chemical product in the soil.
  • a machine for sowing in the vineyard. It differentiates the quantity and quality of seed according to the needs of the individual plot.

Thanks to these innovations Leaf srl won the award dedicated to startup promoted by Panorama d’ Italia. This prize demonstrates how technology can also become an important instrument in the agricultural sector, as it is already evident in the case of precision farming.

“The great challenge for the future is “- as Carletti explains – to educate farmers in these innovations, to make them usable and therefore attractive for a large number of workers in the sector”. This is a culturally difficult and not immediate transition; it must be accompanied by training young people, ready to exploit the full potential of these means and take advantage of new opportunities in the market.

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