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ISI, workplace safety and health.

Industrial Safety Institute (ISI) is an Italian company specialized in workplace safety and environmental law consulting (safety, health, environment, quality and multimedia communication).

It was born in 2004 thanks to ​​a team of professionals working in specific sectors. The several issues faced by a company need to be addressed with specific professionalism, able to satisfy effectively the requirement for compliance with the rules. This approach allows the Entrepreneur to focus on the core of its business, delegating many of the technical/procedural aspects related to important topics such as:

  • protection of the health and safety of workers,
  • respect for the environment,
  • the quality of goods/services offered to its Customers/Consumers.

Rome is the headquarters, but ISI has operating offices in Padova e Bari.

Industrial Safety Institute offers services for national and European companies in collaboration with a network of specialized partners, big public and private companies, universities and national and international firms.

Consultancy services are aimed at achieving and maintaining high standards that constantly address critical issues and changes in the different sectors, so that customer satisfaction can be met. Some of the consulting services offered by ISI: Head of RSPP, Information, Training and Training Services, Evaluations and Measures.

The training, which goes from that “funded” to the “specialized” one, has a central role for the company: the implementation by Italy of the EU directives through Legislative Decree 626/94 and subsequently Legislative Decree 81/08 has marked in fact a turning point in the concept of health and safety in the workplace; this transformation has been characterized by the transition from a law application system that focused solely on the adaptation of machines and plants, to a system highlighting the importance and the obligation to train workers.








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