Hidromod, società portoghese con una solida competenza in idraulica urbana, dinamiche costiere, ambiente e risorse idriche.

Meet our partners: Hidromod

Expertise from urban hydraulics to environment.

HIDROMOD is a Portuguese company born in 1992. It creates and provides practical solutions, based on numeric modelling: the work is focused on various areas of the hydrological cycle, covering different sectors. It has in fact a strong expertise in urban hydraulics, coastal dynamics, environment, harbors and ports, oil & gas, and water resources.

Since 1992, the company has invested in research and training activities, either by participating in European scientific projects or through connections with universities.

Presently, with a background of 24 years and more than 430 projects, alongside a quality management system certified by the ISO 9001 norm, it offers a combination of engineering experience, scientific knowledge and capacity for technological implementation.

HIDROMOD’s quality management system objectives are:

  • Focusing attention on the satisfaction of internal and external clients;
  • Enlarging company’s fields of technical expertise, with the aim of satisfying clients’ present and future needs;
  • Complying with each project’s defined steps and milestones;
  • Increasing everyone’s participation in continuous improvement and innovation.

Company’s consulting experience derives from continuous activity in environmental impact assessment studies, risk analysis, engineering and planning projects.

HIDROMOD provides services based on operational systems which are able to produce information according to the users’ needs. This information may derive from data (including real-time data), high resolution models or the combination of both.

Ever since its foundation, it has always promoted a strong connection to the Research and Development (R&D) universe. This active involvement in R&D has potentiated an effective link to the scientific community, by participating in international research projects and publishing scientific articles: in tandem with this knowledge integration effort, HIDROMOD has developed and maintained two tools which are fundamental for the services it provides: the MOHID Modelling Service and the AQUASAFE Platform.

Meet Hidromod!


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