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Meet our partners: Etna Hitech

Etna Hitech: promoting Etna Valley region as a leading technological area.

Etna Hitech (EHT) was born as a consortium company in 2005 and became a permanent consortium specialized in services in 2015, being at the leading edge both nationally and internationally. EHT is a consortium for ICT, which brings together 18 SMEs based in the Etna Valley.

Its mission is to transform the Etna Valley region into a leading technology area through synergies between local high-tech companies.

EHT’s relevant market is Public Administration, and, thus, all those initiatives directed to the digital transformation of PA and of the Institutions in general. Etna Hitech is constantly engaged in research and development activities, and participates in important projects of industrial and experimental researches, which also involve universities and public research institutions.

The activity of EHT is implemented through the aggregation of SMEs operating in the ICT field. Its added value is the ability to coordinate projects that are very large and complex  in terms of goals and amount of partners involved. Offering innovative products and processes optimizations solutions, Etna Hitech acts as a large company by aggregating small and medium enterprises, according to a business model that it can call widespread factory.

EHT is characterized as a place of “co.opetition” (cooperative competition) where cooperation and collaboration in developing common policies and market strategies, competition, exchange and sharing of different business models, create a living and challenging environment for the associated companies.


  • e-HEALTH

EHT’s objectives

  • Support, promote and consolidate local high-tech companies;
  • Encourage the internationalization of the member companies, by supporting reciprocal investments, product diversification and possible relocation;
  • Interact with the local university system to train specialized human resources to be included in company staff;
  • Promote the development of relations and partnerships with other regional, national and international districts;
  • Create and promote a single brand able to give greater visibility to the consortium group in an international context.

Meet Etna Hitech!


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