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Innovative food chain and digitization of processes

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Are you a food processor and are you looking for a solution that enhances your work and increases the quality of the final product? 

Agricolus platform meets your needs allowing you to:

  • Visualize in a single interface the data of the affiliated farms, even remotely.
  • Efficiently organize food chain and traceability of raw materials processes.
  • Interact directly with individual producers and acquire data in real time.
  • Monitor the correct execution of quality and sustainability standards in the field.
  • Have detailed information related to each farm: crop operations carried out, products and quantity of inputs used.

Agricolus platform is organized on two or more levels: the main dashboard, managed by the food processor, where the subscriptions of the farms involved are connected.

The food processor obtains a general overview of all the farm monitored and it can decide to enter into the specifics of those desired. The Decision Support System compares the information of all the farms and makes it possible to make assessments by crop, geographical areas and critical zones.

Agricolus for food processors

The food processor can easily manage the agronomic monitoring of the entire ecosystem with shared activities and data, supporting farms (if they wish) in improving agronomic practices.

It communicates directly with farms and involves them in an active and responsible way.

For example, a pasta or tomato puree factory can monitor the farms that deliver wheat or tomatoes, support them in preventing plant diseases and demonstrate that good practices in the field allow to be eco-sustainable and guarantee high quality standards.

Agricolus platform allows to access the following services:

Visualize fields, hectares, crops of the connected farms.

Check the data of the sensors in the field

Receive notifications on the operations carried out by farms.

Assign and plan the activities to be carried out.

Access advanced features such as forecast models, prescription maps, vegetation indices from Sentinel 2.

Send reports based on monitoring and sampling data.

Send alert bulletins.

Get reports on the food chain and on individual farms.

Track processes to ensure quality and safety of the final product.

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