Agricultural distributor

Give an innovative consulting service to your customers

Are you a distributor of agricultural machineries, plant protection products, fertilizersseeds and you want to combine your product with a more effective consulting service?   

Agricolus platform meets your needs allowing you to:  

Agricolus platform provides the agricultural distributor with a main dashboard to which the subscriptions of individual farms are linked. The distributor gets a general overview of all the clients to whom he has offered its service and can decide to enter the specifics of those desired.  

Agricolus for agricultural distributors

The distributor of agricultural machineries, plant protection products, fertilizers, and seeds can increase the value of the products sold by providing the customer with an innovative agronomic monitoring service and becoming more competitive on the market.   

A distributor of plant protection products, for example, can monitor farms, support them in preventing plant diseases, suggest them to buy specific plant protection productsand better understand the results obtained by the products used in the field.  

By using Agricolus platform the agricultural distributor is able to 

  • Visualize fields, hectares, crops of the farms.
  • Analyze the register of collaborators’ activities and the crop operations carried out.
  • Check the data of the sensors in the field.
  • Send notifications to the farms.
  • Assign and schedule the activities to be carried out.
  • Access advanced features such as forecast models, prescription maps, vegetation indices from Sentinel 2.
  • Send reports based on monitoring and sampling data.
  • Process reports on crops and farms.

The management of technicians and resellers becomes more streamlined and the Decision Support System allows you to intervene promptly with the right suggestion.

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The Agricolus solution designed for the needs of organizations.