When we talk about Smart Agro technology, we are referring to the digitization of the agricultural sector with the goal to make the use of scarce resources more efficient, reducing the environmental impact, improving the profitability producing healthier, higher quality food.

These themes are becoming day by day more important even in far environment like LATAM area.

Social Solver, a platform powered by the foundation Ayuda en Acción, opened the opportunity to participate in the Crop Monitoring and Farmers Warnings challenge with the aim to find a technological solution for crop monitoring that would help farmers in the area in the Jetepeque Valley (Peru).

Erika Boehm, a German-Spanish agronomist, and Howar Vente, a Colombian agricultural business administrator, currently working together with Agricolus, have proposed a solution that combines agronomic data and the use of satellite imagery to manage multiple crop fields.

Erika Boehm, agronoma tedesco-spagnola, e Howar Vente, imprenditore agricolo colombiano, che attualmente collaborano con Agricolus

The project

Farmers face every day problems caused by uncontrollable factors such as water stress, nutritional deficiency, and damage by insects or diseases that have a direct and significant impact on crop yields.

smartphone con app Agricolus Farmer

Agricolus platform will allow to carry out the digitalization of the fields, consult meteorological data and vegetation indices to constantly monitor the development of the crops thanks to the vigor (NDVI) and water stress (NDMI) indices.

In general terms, the proposed solution aims to improve the identification of areas of special attention, early detection of disease risk, and the optimization in the application of inputs.

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