FIWARE creates and integrates process standards facilitating the development of intelligent applications in several industries.

In November 2016, FIWARE developed the IoT Ready Programme.

The FIWARE Catalogue contains a rich library of components (Generic Enablers) with reference implementations that allow developers to put into effect functionalities such as the connection to the Internet of Things or Big Data analysis, making programming much easier. All of them are public, royalty-free and open source!

FIWARE IoT Ready Programme

Thousands of startups, SMEs and individual developers worldwide are working out their solutions based on FIWARE opensource platform components at present.

FIWARE IoT Ready program aims to enlarge our open ecosystem connecting relevant IoT hardware producers as technology providers to our large base of developers.

Since January 2017 Agricolus is FIWARE IoT Ready, and is present in the Catalogue:

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FIWARE IoT Ready Programme