Are you an association or consortium in the agricultural sector and are you looking for a solution to simplify your work and offer an innovative service to farms?

Agricolus platform meets your needs allowing you to:

  • Visualize in a single interface the data of all the associated farms, even remotely.
  • Optimize in field operations and monitoring activities.
  • Make the exchange of information with farms and data collection more efficient.
  • Have detailed information on the farms: weather data, crop operations, crop scouting, products and input used.
  • Share decisions for an effective crop management.
  • Send reports on weather conditions, bulletins and advice on activities to be carried out.

Agricolus platform provides the association or cooperative with a main dashboard, to which the subscriptions of the individual farms that are part of it are linked. The association obtains a general overview of all the companies monitored and can decide to go into the specifics of those desired.

Through the Decision Support System and the comparison of the information of all the farms, it is possible to send reports and alert bulletins to help them on individual activities.

Agricolus for associations and consortia

The consortium or association must provide support to its associated farms, helping them to face both economic and environmental challenges. The association and the cooperative have a complex structure: it is therefore evident the need to organize information efficiently.

The connection between the association and the farms through the Agricolus platform provides access to these services:

Visualize fields, hectares, crops of the connected farms.

Analyze the register of the activities of collaborators and the crop operations carried out.

Check the data of the the sensors placed in the field.

Receive notifications on the operations carried out by farmers.

Suggest and plan the activities to be carried out.

Send reports based on monitoring and sampling data.

Send alert bulletins.