Interview with Pere Sabater, CEO of Aesama




Valencian Community (Almussafes y Culla)




Walnut | Almond

The company

Aesama is a micro company dedicated to the production of organic dried fruits in the Valencian Community.

¿What were the needs before knowing Agricolus?

The idea I had for my fields was to achieve, through new technologies, to monitor the water and vegetative status of crops remotely.

When introducing a digital element of field management such as the Agricolus platform, what caught my attention was the idea of not having to go back and forth from the field to have an overview of what was happening to the crops.

How did you meet us?

I met Agricolus through the Sencrop application, and after discovering that they were collaborators I was curious to know what their performance was and what do they do.

Which Agricolus function have you used the most?

I use the platform to check the water status and vigor of the crops. The tools that have helped me the most and that I find most interesting are the images and the graphs with the periodic index data.

I would recommend the Agricolus platform to all those farmers with large farms (more than 10 ha) who want to improve the control of the state of their fields.

Advantages obtained

The Agricolus platform provides you in a very short time with general information on the state of your farm, which can anticipate any localized problem of lack of water or nutritional deficiency.

Visualizing the images with the different indexes and their values reassures you. In addition, the platform has a lot of information to interpret the data and manage it, which is unusual.

Pere Sabater

CEO of Aesama

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