Agricolus Professional Academy

Andrea Cruciani

“Using advanced technologies for the agriculture of the future requires the education of professionals able to understand and use information, in order to optimize productivity and reduce wastes by considering agronomic chain needs. Agricolus trusts training opportunities, and this is the reason it launched Agricolus Professional Academy: a school for professionals motivated to use innovative tools in their daily work.

Agricolus Professional Academy will provide a certification and support the Agricolus Professionals in in adopting these technologies to serve farms successfully”.

Andrea CrucianiCEO Agricolus

The project

Agricolus Professional Academy aims to support agricultural professionals in optimizing the work on the field, by integrating specific skills and innovative technologies.

A brief class on precision farming techniques (crop operations and forecast models, remote sensing, sampling methods) and on presentation and practical use of Agricolus Free, the platform for precision agriculture.

Programme and Objectives