Agricolus aims to provide a complete system for managing pesticide and growth treatments for agricultural crops.
In recent times, when agriculture is facing several problems such as constant increasing prices of factors of production, the decline in selling prices of agricultural products, the need for reducing pollution and saving energy resources and primary, the introduction of precision farming is a new opportunity in crop management.
By identifying and monitoring the variability of soil parameters of each plot, the vigor of the plant and attack of plant pathogens, it is possible to establish different criteria for intervention in individual fields by optimizing the cultivation (fertilization, spreading of plant protection, irrigation, etc.) as well as the costs of production and the level of pollution.
Agricolus Suite is a FIWARE based application that allows to improve agricultural production, minimize environmental damage by utilizing maximum contents of products restricting the use of certain pesticides from the new CAP, raise production quality standards and achieve cost savings resulting from the rationalization of farming operations by using precision farming.